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Families at the Border

We are a group of community members, physicians, medical professionals, and university affiliates working toward improving the health and wellness of immigrant families and youth at the US- Mexican border.

What we do

In partnership with Prevencasa, Justicia en Salud, Refugee Health Alliance/ Resistencia — community based health service clinics in Tijuana — we work to provide material support, medical training and education, and advocacy to contribute to the ongoing efforts to support migrant families in need.

Our Story

Families at the Border formed from a July 2019 town hall meeting to discuss the ongoing developments of our current border crisis. With over 18,000+ refugee family encounters at the border since October 2019, the crisis has only continued to grow. Working toward improving the health and wellbeing of all refugee families in Tijuana, our group comprises doctors, students, and affiliated professionals driven to create positive change.

Current projects

Our impact and past projects

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Our Leadership

In addition to the core leadership team highlighted here, a diverse and dedicated team of volunteers contributes to FATB's efforts. They are vital to our success!

Contact us

To learn more or get involved, contact Program Coordinator Ola Alani via the FATB email address.

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