Leadership that is Inclusive, Representative, Transformative.

Women increase diversity, frequently bringing new perspectives, priorities, and leadership styles that foster collaboration and cross-disciplinary approaches. Women leaders are more likely to prioritize the needs of women, children, and communities. Despite women representing 70% of the health workforce, they are an untapped and underutilized talent pool – filling only 25% of senior and 5% of top health organization positions.

WomenLift Health was founded by Michele Barry and born out of the conferences for Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGH) which began at Stanford University in 2017. With leadership from Executive Director Amie Batson and support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WomenLift Health is building scalable platforms to deliver interventions supporting women’s leadership in global health, initially establishing hubs in the United States, India, and East Africa.

“The challenges in global health are too big and too complex to leave half the talent sitting on the sidelines.”
–Michele Barry, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Global Health

Transformative Change

Catalyzing behavior change of individual women and influencing change in the society and organizations in which they live and work.


Engaging and empowering mid-career women in global health from different countries, cultures, sectors, and disciplines.


Reaching tens of thousands of women through a portfolio of interventions delivered via a scalable platform.