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Human and
Planetary Health

We believe that, without a healthy biosphere, there is no human future. Climate change and other environmental challenges are creating a health crisis of planetary dimension, with impacts falling disproportionately on vulnerable and historically marginalized populations. 

We’re committed to advancing human and planetary health — a field that brings together perspectives from environmental sciences, public health, systems thinking, and other disciplines to achieve breakthroughs and find solutions for a healthier world, on which humans can thrive. Together with Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment and Doerr School of Sustainability, we support the Stanford Human and Planetary Health initiative (view their fact sheet) to drive solutions-oriented research, train future leaders, accelerate global impact, and build the human and planetary health community at Stanford.

On this page, learn more about CIGH’s programs and projects related to human and planetary health.

Access the HPH Initiative page here.


We empower solutions-oriented research aimed at human and ecosystem health by fostering interdisciplinary and community-based collaboration. Specifically, we provide seed grants, host research convenings, train graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and work with partners on projects that integrate ecology, environment, health, and equity.


We train leaders through teaching and scholarship at all levels, with new courses of study, experiential learning opportunities, and career development. Through an interdisciplinary, systems-thinking lens, we support the next generation of health professionals and providers, scholars, policymakers, and other practitioners to better understand an interconnected set of challenges – and think creatively about how to solve them.


We accelerate human and planetary health action through policy development, strategic communications, and community-engaged solutions. We support faculty in developing strategies for moving their work to impact, convening key stakeholders, and drafting foundational policy and communications materials.

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