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Global Health Student Council

The Global Health Student Council, working in partnership with the Center for Innovation in Global Health, is composed of undergraduate and graduate students with diverse backgrounds committed to strengthening the global health community on campus.

About Us

The Stanford Global Health Student Council is an interdisciplinary student organization at Stanford University dedicated to strengthening the global health community on campus. Composed of undergraduate and graduate students, the Council works in close partnership with the Stanford University Center for Innovation in Global Health (CIGH), Stanford’s premier global health research, education, and mentorship center.

Blending education with meaningful action, the Global Health Student Council’s mission is three-fold. Seeking to engage students and scholars from all parts of campus on global health issues, the Council seeks to create community among faculty, staff, and students interested in global health. To better inform young leaders, stakeholders, and the public about critical global health challenges, the Council aims to facilitate interdisciplinary learning about global health, both in and out of the classroom. Lastly, to provide needed experience and practical knowledge to future leaders in the field, the Council works to connect students to opportunities focused on underserved communities locally and abroad.

A diverse and interdisciplinary group, the Council is composed of undergraduates and graduates, premedical students, economists, biologists, and engineers — all with a shared interest in and passion for ensuring every single human being, no matter who they are or where they are from, has access to affordable and quality healthcare. We welcome any and all Stanford students to join our team, as we strive to include as many perspectives and voices as possible in our effort to improve health for all.

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To get involved, contact one of the GHSC leaders at the emails in their bios below.

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