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Programs in Engagement

Action Lab for Planetary Health (ALPHA)

Leveraging Stanford expertise, the Action Lab for Planetary Health (ALPHA), based at the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health and funded by the Stanford Sustainability Initiative, develops evidence-based strategies, partnerships, and messaging to influence policy and grassroots actions that protect people and the planet.


Photo by Mega Caesaria


Without a healthy biosphere, there is no thriving human future. Unprecedented and accelerating environmental change threatens the health and security of communities around the world. Standing before us are opportunities to directly mitigate these health risks – and to build a more comprehensive understanding of the costs of inaction to drive changes in environmental policy and practice.

We are grateful for support from the Stanford Sustainability Initiative and The UPS Foundation Endowment Fund.

For more information about ALPHA, please contact Erika Veidis:


Strategically communicate evidence on emerging health risks to protect vulnerable populations

Inform & influence decisionmakers towards environmental solutions through illustrating the health consequences of inaction

Build public awareness of the linkages between environment & health – and recommend strategies for action