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Programs in Education

Planetary Health Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Planetary Health Postdoctoral Fellowship seeks to foster the professional development of a new generation of planetary health researchers and ambassadors committed to protecting health on a changing planet – and developing solutions for a healthier future.


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Fueled by a sense of urgency to protect health in a rapidly shifting world – especially in historically marginalized communities – human & planetary health focuses on developing solutions that simultaneously promote health, environmental stewardship, and social impact. Through this two-year postdoctoral fellowship, early-career researchers conduct cutting-edge, interdisciplinary, solutions-oriented research by working with faculty mentors at Stanford and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – building their careers in the field of planetary and developing critical new evidence and impact.

This cornerstone program of the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health is run in partnership with the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).


  • Develop evidence on emerging health risks to protect vulnerable populations impacted by climate change
  • Assess the health consequences of environmental inaction to drive new policies & interventions
  • Identify strategies to simultaneously advance health, environmental stewardship & community resilience
  • Train early-career researchers and provide opportunities to gain skills in new disciplines for human & planetary health impact

Current projects

*Fellows are invited to propose any topic of human & planetary health research.

  • Mental health & resilience: Researching mental health responses to environmental change in young people facing eco-anxiety and lower-resourced communities contending with climate disasters – and identifying opportunities to build resilience.
  • Air quality & health: Assessing the impacts of climate change on air pollution and health – and how these findings can influence carbon pricing and build policy support for climate action.
  • Ecology, agriculture & infectious disease: Exploring how ecological changes and agricultural practices impact local infectious disease transmission – and transcribing this knowledge to public health interventions.

Current fellows

Learn about the work of 2021-2023 fellows – and explore special features on current fellow Dr. Elaine Flores and recent alum Dr. Britt Wray.

Learn about the 2022-24 fellows.


For questions, please contact Erika Veidis, Planetary Health Program Manager: 

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