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Graduate Students

Everything you need to get involved in global health

"The challenges in global health are not contained by international borders or academic disciplines. To tackle these challenges, we need physicians working with engineers, economists, data scientists and experts from all disciplines."

Michele Barry

Senior Associate Dean for Global Health and Director, Center for Innovation in Global Health

Graduate Courses in Global Health Studies

Course Name
MED 285: Global Leaders and Innovators in Human and Planetary Health
Gordon M. Bloom & Sara Singer, PhD
CEE 374W: Advanced Topics in Water, Health and Development
Jenna Davis, PhD
COMPMED 84Q: Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases
Stephen Felt, DVM, MPH
ECON 127: Economics of Health Improvement in Developing Countries
Grant Miller, PhD
HUMBIO 114: Global Change and Emerging Infectious Disease
James Jones, PhD & John Openshaw
SOMGEN 207: Theories of Change in Global Health
Stephen Luby, MD
HUMBIO 122M: Challenges of Human Migration: Health and Health Care of Migrants and Autochthonous Populations
Eunice Rodriguez, MPH
MED 157: Foundations for Community Health Engagement
Catherine Heaney, PhD & Patricia Espinosa
PEDS 223: Human Rights and Global Health
Bertrand Patenaude, PhD
MED 54Q: Decolonizing Global Health
Takudzwa Shumba, MD, MPH
MED 159: Oaxacan Health on Both Sides of the Border
Catherine Heaney, PhD
HUMBIO 123E: Health Economics & Policy: exploring health disparities, child health & health care spending
Maya Rossin-Slater, PhD
HUMBIO 125: Current Topics and Controversies in Women's Health
Marcia Stefanick, PhD
EARTHSYS 125: Shades of Green: Exploring and Expanding Environmental Justice in Practice
Francisca Santana & Zoe Vangelder
EARTHSYS 196A: Environmental Justice and Human Rights Lab
Jessie Brunner, Sibyl Diver, PhD, Emily Polk, PhD & Penelope Van Tuyl
HUMBIO 121E: Ethnicity and Medicine
Moises Gallegos

Opportunities across the University

As an interdisciplinary institution, Stanford University fosters global health collaborations across all seven schools of the university. We welcome engagement from any student passionate about global health and reducing healthcare disparities; historically, we have worked with graduate students / coterminal students in the following programs:

Course Name
PhD and MS in Health Policy
PhD and MS in Epidemiology and Clinical Research
PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering
PhD and MS in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER)
Coterminal MS in Earth Systems
PhD and MA in Anthropology
MBA at the Graduate School of Business