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Our Vision

Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health

A world where everyone
lives a healthy life
on a thriving planet.

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Planetary Health Education

Introducing Medicine for a Changing Planet

We are pleased to launch, along with the University of Washington Center for One Health Research, Medicine for a Changing Planet: a collection of clinical case studies supporting health professionals in providing effective care for patients on a changing planet. These case studies, collated from clinical encounters around the world, support health professionals in recognizing and treating a variety of health challenges impacted by environmental stressors.

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Our Focus Areas

At Stanford Global Health, we share knowledge, equip leaders, and build teams to address urgent global health challenges. All our efforts are centered around our core value of achieving health equity for all.

Human & Planetary Health

Climate change and environmental degradation threaten human health. Stanford’s interdisciplinary teams seek to understand the impact of our changing world and to find solutions that help people and protect the planet.

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Women's Leadership in Global Health

We collaborate with organizations like with WomenLift Health, founded by CIGH, to drive impactful change for women leaders in global health.

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Refugees & Vulnerable Populations

In partnership with those most impacted, we aim to enhance clinical care and improve the lives of vulnerable and underserved populations – with a special emphasis on refugees and migrants impacted by conflict and climate change.

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Stanford Global Health Research & Activity Map

This map showcases the wide array of global health projects Stanford faculty, students, and trainees are engaged in around the world, with the goal of facilitating connection and collaboration. Search by country, focus area, or key word to learn more and find partners to connect with.

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