Published: 05/18/2021

As part of our ongoing effort to compile resources for those struggling with COVID-19 in India, we are also providing a vetted list of organizations that are on the ground in India doing good work to combat the surge and treat patients. For those who wish to offer assistance from afar, all of the following organizations are working hard to aid those in need and are more than suitable choices for donation.

Vetted organizations recommended for donations

  • American India Foundation: AIF’s COVID-19 response has three aspects: 1) Health facility interventions responding to the acute shortage of infrastructure, by providing ventilators, oxygen concentrators, portable hospitals(20-100 beds), and cold storage equipment for vaccines; 2) Frontline health worker interventions through community monitoring of COVID-19 patients and providing PPE to frontline workers; 3) Community-centered interventions through awareness campaigns and supporting nutritional needs of vulnerable communities.
  • Child in Need Institute: CINI is doing community based work for COVID Relief in West Bengal (expanding in remote corners of Jharkhand and Assam). They are setting up COVID Sahayata Kendras (CSK) along with mobile campaigns using auto rickshaws to increase awareness regarding COVID-19. Foreign donation link can be found here.
  • Kashtakari Panchayat: Founded in 1993, Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat brought together waste pickers arguing for their rights, dignity of work and recognition of their contribution to the city of Pune. These frontline workers are still the most poor and vulnerable workforce- mainly Dalit women. KP is raising $270,000 (approx. 2,00,00,000 INR) towards providing cash transfers for food, vaccination support and PPE for those who continue to handle covid infected waste during the second covid wave. Each rupee you donate is matched by the Harish and Bina Shah Foundation.
  • Oxygen for India: Oxygen for India is currently providing oxygen concentrators in Delhi. In Kolkata, Ranchi, Guwahati, Bangalore and Chennai they are providing both medical oxygen cylinders and concentrators. You can donate online at CDDEP’s website or their platform at gocrowdera. Oxygen For India is looking to raise $1,200,000 (approximately INR 89,491,000) to provide 3,500 cylinders and 700 concentrators free of cost to hospitals and patients who are managing their COVID-19 care at home, without the need for hospital admission.
  • SEEDS India: During the first wave, SEEDS distributed 11,000 PPE , 24,000 hygiene and 9.4 million meal kits. They are following a four-pronged strategy to mitigate the devastating impact of second wave: 1)Augmenting critical supplies to Government Covid Hospitals 2) Stepping up vaccination drive 3) Establish Covid Care Centres and 4) Extending support services with set up of helpline to aid affected communities, facilitating supply of critical needs such as oxygen, provision of medical services through virtual platforms. Additionally, SEEDS India is continuing efforts to promote awareness on Covid Appropriate Behaviour.
  • Give India: One of the largest donation platforms in India raising a massive COVID relief fund. There aredifferent areas of focus to which donations can be directed.
  • Act Grants: An organization created by the Indian start-up ecosystem to create societal change. This fundraising effort is focused on oxygen supply.
  • The Indian Red Cross: India’s branch of the international humanitarian aid organization is providing ambulance transportation and oxygen in hard-hit cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, and is helping to administer vaccine doses.
  • Rapid Response: The India-based agency is supplying staple foods such as rice, lentils, sugar, and salt to vulnerable communities including migrant laborers, front-line workers, and the elderly.
  • American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin: The professional association is collecting donations that will be used to purchase oxygen concentrators and send them to India. Donate here to cover the costs a single machine, which costs $500, or here to contribute to the group’s efforts. 
  • Health4TheWorld: Founded by Dr. Bhavya Rehani and Dr. Ankur Bharija, Health4TheWorld is a physician led 501c(3) non-profit based in California. They are working directly with physicians in India to get oxygen concentrators into the right hands. Recognizing that the majority of COVID-19 patients are managed at home they also supply home-care kits to patients to self monitor oxygen and temperature, as well as partnering with local telehealth to help triage and manage patients at home.