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Characterizing road traffic injuries and their associated healthcare and financial burdens in Kandy District, Sri Lanka

Primary Investigators: Peter Acker, MD/MPH FACEP, Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine; Samath D Dharmaratne, MBBS, MS, University of Peradeniya; Ishan De Zoysa, MBBS, MS, University of Colombo

Co-Investigators: Matthew C. Strehlow, MD, Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine; Angelica Pritchard, BS, Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine

Funders: Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine, Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health

Trauma related to road traffic injuries is a rapidly growing source of morbidity, mortality and financial hardship in Sri Lanka. Researchers will evaluate road traffic injury patients in the Kandy region of Sri Lanka. They hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of road traffic injury patterns, the patients they impact, the care those patients receive and the cost burden to both the patient and the healthcare system road traffic injuries incur. Researchers hope this information will help Sri Lanka better plan, prepare, and structure emergency systems to respond to these injuries in a way that optimizes outcomes and minimizes the health and socio-economic strain on the injured.

“The health system in Sri Lanka is well functioning and possesses the elements necessary to provide high-quality trauma care, yet the morbidity and mortality associated with road traffic accidents continue to increase,” said Dr. Peter Acker, principal investigator. “This study will provide us with a perspective on where current health system gaps are and data to share with decision makers to help guide the allocation of resources aimed at improving the system.”

Photo courtesy of Leonora (Ellie) Enking, Flickr