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Programs in Seed Grants

A pilot randomized trial

Comparing the effectiveness of a medical mobile clinic (MMC) vs. a MMC plus telemedicine with remote monitoring blood pressure device in under-resourced areas of the Philippines

Principal Investigators:
Julieta Gabiola, MD, Stanford Medicine; Arthur Gallo, MD, ABC’s for Global Health Foundation; Adrian Bacong, PhD, Stanford School of Medicine

Project Coordinator: Dang Nguyen, BS, Massachusetts General Hospital

Funders: Center for Innovation in Global Health

This study will look at mobile technology innovations and their impact on blood pressure control in rural communities in the Philippines, where hypertension presents a significant health concern and prevalence is highest among Filipinos in rural areas. This new mobile technology aims to transform the health care sector by improving access to care, overcoming geographical barriers and reducing cost.

“This study offers a forward-thinking approach to health care delivery, addressing a pressing issue and potential to address health disparities in rural areas while contributing to the development of healthcare policies and guidelines in rural areas of the Philippines and around the world,” said Primary Investigator Dr. Julieta Gabiola.