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2024 Global Health Research Convening Resources

Recordings, slides, and posters from the 2024 Stanford Global Health Research Convening

The 10th Annual Stanford Global Health Research Convening was held in-person on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at the Arrillaga Alumni Center on Stanford University campus. The theme was partnerships and collaborations. Following are recordings and resources shared by participants.

Save the date for the 2025 Global Health Research Convening: Wednesday, January 29, 2025!

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Anna Stewart-Ibarra

Dr. Anna Stewart-Ibarra is the Executive Director of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research and an expert on climate and health in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Dr. Stewart-Ibarra’s research has focused on understanding climate, environment, and social drivers of vector-borne diseases and other dimensions of human well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean. For more than 14 years, she has collaborated with academic and government institutions in the region to conduct community-based social-ecological, epidemiological, and modeling studies.


Keynote Recording

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Oral Presenter Slides

Engaging young people as agents of change: A primary school educational intervention to decrease arboviral and protozoal risk in Grenada | Bethel Bayrau, BS, Life Science Research Professional I, Stanford Department of Pediatrics -Division of Infectious Diseases

Marbled crayfish invasion altered snail populations in schistosomiasis endemic regions of Madagascar | Kaitlyn Mitchell, BS, PhD candidate, Stanford Department of Biology

Wildfire PM2.5 exposure and health burdens over the US under future climate change |  Minghao Qiu, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford CIGH and Doerr School of Sustainability


Following is a selection of the posters presented at the 2024 convening. See a full list of poster and oral presentation titles here.


An in-depth analysis of media coverage regarding plastic pollution in India and the United States using a large language model (LLM) | Tejasveer Chugh, Amador Valley High School, Dr. Shyamala Mani, Centre for Chronic Disease Control (CCDC), New Delhi, India

Antibiotic prescribing patterns at outpatient clinics in Western and Coastal Kenya  | Melanie Kiener, Caroline Ichura, Bryson Ndenga, Francis Mutuku, Victoria Okuta, Laura Mwambingu, Kevin Ogamba, Karren Shaita, Victoria Okuta, Charles Ronga, Philip Chebii, Jael Amugongo, Said Malumbo, Omar Godana, Zainabu Jembe, Charles Ng’ang’a, Mwamgosho Mshahame, A. Desiree LaBeaud

Arsenic and global health: An integrated approach towards mitigation | Dr. Pritha Bhattacharjee*, Ankita Das, Dr. Ritwija Bhattacharya

Assessing dengue during pregnancy: incidence and impact on maternal and child outcomes | Annabelle Smith, Bethel Bayrau, BS, Caroline Ichura, MBCh.B, MPH1, Jonathan Altamirano, M1, Charles King, MD, Indu Malhotra, PhD, Peter Mungai, Francis Mutuku, PhD, Dunstan Mukoko, PhD, A. Désirée LaBeaud, MD

Climate Change’s Impact on Brain Health: A Comprehensive Analysis of Global Data

Cultivating health equity: A community-engaged approach to health among Indigenous Californians | Lucía Abascal, Alicia Riley, Darío León, Nadia-Diamond Smith, Alison Comfort, Anna Epperson

Effectiveness of a Novel School-Based Diabetes Prevention Program: A Post-Implementation Analysis of Arogya World Healthy Schools Program, India 2015-2022 | Nitya Rajeshuni MD, Michael Huynh MPH, Sonia Mahajan, Adrian M. Bacong PhD, Aishee Mukherji, Nidhi Jaswal PhD, Sandhya Ramalingam PhD, Nandini Ganesh, Smriti Pahwa, Nalini Saligram PhD, Latha Palaniappan MD

Experiences, perspectives, and needs of women’s sexual and reproductive health amidst changing landscapes in Santiago, Chile | Jennifer Kang, Claudia Dides Castillo, Diego Garcia-Huidobro, Kelvin Stalin Castro Neira, Alejandra Rojas Estay, Mónica Nivelo Clavijo*, Clea Sarnquist* (*co-senior authors)

Global partnerships to improve clinical capacity for mental health treatment of SGBV survivors in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo | Wendy J. Bernstein, MDCM, Jess Ghannam, PhD, Achille Bapolisi, MD, MPH, PhD, Marx Itabelo Lwabanya, MD, EMHL, Sargam Jain, MD, Jasleen Chhatwal, MBBS, MD, FAPA, Gaurav Mishra MD, MBA, FAPA, Tyler B. Evans, MD, MPH, AAHIVS, DTMH, FIDSA

Implementing Adaptive E-Learning for Newborn Care in Tanzania: An Observational Study of Provider Engagement and Knowledge Gains | Peter Meaney1, Adolfine Hokororo2,3, Hanston Ndosi2, Alex Dahlen1, Theopista Jacob3, Joseph R Mwanga2, Florence S Kalabamu3,8, Christine Joyce4, Rishi Mediratta,1 Boris Rozenfeld5, Marc Berg1,5, Zack Smith1, Neema Chami2,3, Namala P Mkopi3,9, Castory Mwanga3, Enock Diocles2, Ambrose Agweyu6,7

Language, culture, and vaccines: A qualitative exploration of vaccine hesitancy and social media in Indigenous communities in Guatemala; Poster 2) OpenWHO emergency health online learning: A global analysis of user-driven adaptations and sharing | Nadine Ann Skinner, Lucia Abascal-Miguel, Emily Lopez, Esbeydy Pardo, Victoria Ward, Jamie Sewan Johnston, Nadia Diamond-Smith, Anne Kraemer Diaz; Poster 2) Jamie Sewan Johnston, Nadine Ann Skinner, Anna Tokar, Elham Arabi, Ngouille Ndiaye, Matthew Strehlow, and Heini Utunen

Reliability and Usability of a Capacity Assessment Tool for Orthopedic Surgery (CAT-os) for Building Surgical Capacity in LMICs | Hubert Tuyishime, Riasoya Jodah, Sara Kemper, Lauren M Shapiro, Robin N Kamal

Road traffic injuries in Sri Lanka: a systematic review of injury patterns, healthcare outcomes and economic burden | Peter Acker MD/MPH, Vinuri Attygala MBBS, Samath Dharmaratne MBBS MD MS, Angelica Pritchard BS, Ishan DeZoysa MBBS/MD, Enoch Obeng MD, Matthew Strehlow MD

Rwandan EM Residents: Making Waves with POCUS – The Sound of Success | Enoch Obeng, Patrick Lanter, Timothy Batchelor, Yoseph Semma, Wendy Li, In-Hei Hahn, Nick Ashenburg, YouyouDuanmu, Matthew Strehlow, Michelle Feltes, Doris Uwamahoro

Sustainable integration of a vertical voluntary medical male circumcision program into routine health services in Zimbabwe | Amanda Marr Chung, Rudo Chikodzore, Precious Chitapi, Joseph Murungu, Peter Case, Jonathan Gosling, Roly Gosling

Using a systems approach to improve WASH facilities in primary government schools in Uttar Pradesh, India | Anvesh Badamikar; Jenna Davis; Gary Darmstadt

Vaccine access amongst people with albinism in Tanzania, East Africa | Zahra A Fazal, Dr. David Rehkopf, Dr. Steve Luby, Dr. Florida Muro, Dr. Karim Manji, Dr. Joelle Rosser

Virtual simulation training program for obstetric providers in Mexico – A feasibility study in a low resource setting | Kay Daniels, Kathleen Minor, Gillian Abir, Ximena Rojas, Janelle Chavez, Daniela Uribe, Diana Sanchez, Katherine Bianco