The health of the planet and the health of human communities are inextricably linked.

What is human and planetary health? Without a healthy biosphere there is no thriving human future. This emerging field of applied research, policy, and practice represents an intentional and catalytic effort to take on one of the greatest challenges the world has faced. It seeks to characterize the impact on our health of human-caused disruptions of Earth’s natural systems, taking a solutions-oriented approach, bridging different disciplines and sectors, and learning from successes and failures.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

The challenges to global health demand new ways of working. To solve complex problems and overcome structural and economic barriers to wellbeing, we create interdisciplinary collaborations across campus and partnerships with people and organizations all over the world.


To stimulate and support the most innovative approaches to solving global health challenges, we provide seed grants for early stage research and host a research convening to connect scientists with opportunities to pursue their research in  Africa, Asia, South America, North America, and Europe.

Engaging the community

We introduce leaders from international organizations to students, faculty, and researchers for quarterly conversations in global health. With the Bay Area Global Health Alliance, we bring together organizations across sectors to harness the region’s culture of innovation, research, discovery, and delivery.