The health of the planet and the health of our communities are inextricably linked.

Without a healthy biosphere, there is no thriving human future. This emerging field of applied research, policy, and practice represents an intentional and catalytic effort to take on one of the greatest challenges the world faces. It seeks to characterize the health impacts of human-caused disruptions of Earth’s natural systems, bridging disciplines and sectors in an integrated, solutions-oriented approach.


There is a growing sense of urgency to take action on human and planetary health challenges.  To stimulate and support innovative approaches to solutions, we provide seed grants for early-stage research, host research convenings, offer a postdoctoral fellowship, and collaborate with partners to develop new projects that integrate ecology, environment, and health. We also work with faculty across Stanford in translating findings to impact through policy collaborations, community interventions, and other channels.


Human and planetary health explores complex intersections between global environmental changes and human health and wellbeing. Through an interdisciplinary, systems-thinking lens, we support the next generation in better understanding an interconnected set of challenges – and thinking creatively about how to support them. We are committed to educating and training the next generation of human and planetary health leaders, and we provide a variety of opportunities for student, postdoctoral, and faculty engagement in this field.

Building Community

To solve complex problems in human and planetary health, a wide array of partners spanning disciplines, sectors, geographies, and generations have to come together. We are committed to supporting diverse collaborations across campus and growing partnerships with people and organizations all over the world. Through events, networking opportunities, and robust communications, we build community to further momentum in integrated environmental and health action.