Published: 11/10/2023

Important new research co-authored by Stanford/London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Planetary Health Postdoctoral Fellow Elaine Flores illuminates how climate change is causing some people to re-think having children.

Flores and her co-authors Hope Dillarstone and Laura J Brown present, in PLOS Climate, a systematic review of evidence that reveals a complex relationship between climate change concerns and reproductive decision-making.

Four main climate worries affecting reproductive decisions emerged:

  • Uncertainty about a child’s future
  • Ecological impact of reproduction
  • Ability to meet family’s needs amid climate challenges
  • Contributing to environmental politics shapes decisions

“Stronger climate concerns were associated with less desire or intention to have children in most studies, but a few found the opposite among certain groups,” Flores said. “The relationship is complex and more research is needed, especially in the Global South, to understand diverse cultural and regional nuances.”

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Photo credit: Annie Spratt,