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P3: Pandemic
Preparedness & Prevention

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with other recent infectious disease outbreaks, have warned us that deadly outbreaks of other viruses are inevitable. Innovative and comprehensive research on emerging pathogens, to help us predict and prevent the next pandemic, is critical to our future. This includes developing novels ways of conducting surveillance to detect new pathogens, innovative approaches to data collection and modeling, improvements to public health systems, and research and development of new drugs and vaccines.

Our P3 (Pandemic Preparedness & Prevention) initiative seeks to help the world prepare for and respond effectively to the next pandemic threat by catalyzing multidisciplinary pandemic research and response activities across Stanford’s seven schools. Initial efforts include a new pandemic preparedness seed grant program, which we anticipate launching in January 2023, and a pandemic preparedness conference that will convene interdisciplinary thought leaders from Stanford and beyond in the winter of 2022.

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We collaborate with multidisciplinary researchers from across Stanford University and partner with organizations around the world to support pandemic preparedness research, foster collaboration, and generate new initiatives.


A new three-year seed grant program will catalyze Stanford-based research to prepare for and prevent the next pandemic by encouraging researchers across Stanford’s seven schools to build interdisciplinary teams around early-stage pilot research.


We aim to convene interdisciplinary thought leaders and researchers from Stanford and beyond through conferences and lectures in order to highlight the latest research and spark new collaborations.