Published: 04/30/2021

For Earth Day 2021, as part of the Accelerating Climate Solutions series, we’re showcasing a new field focused on the intersections of environment and health: “human and planetary health.” Researchers across Stanford and beyond are asking complex questions about global environmental challenges,their impacts on our health, livelihoods, and wellbeing, and how we might mitigate and adapt to them. In the face of accelerating climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, pollution, resource scarcity, and other challenges, how can we best protect the health of our communities? How can we get at the core of these issues, taking action that simultaneously addresses the wellbeing of humans and the environment?

In this event, co-hosted by the Center for Innovation in Global Health and the Woods Institute for the Environment, we presented a variety of human and planetary health work at Stanford, highlighting a set of innovative solutions to restore our Earth and improve health outcomes.