A Global Health Conversation with Dr. Rick Hodes

Dr. Rick Hodes is an extraordinary humanitarian physician living in Ethiopia for decades. He is the medical director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Ethiopia who has devoted his life to bringing high-quality medical care to those with the fewest resources. He specializes in spinal deformity, rheumatic heart disease, and certain malignancies and has also worked with refugees and vulnerable populations in various parts of the world, including Israel, Albania, Rwanda, Zaire, and Tanzania.

Dr. Hodes was a CNN Hero, has been ABC’s Person of the Week, is the subject of documentaries “Making the Crooked Straight,” and “Zemene,” and a book by Marilyn Berger “This is a Soul-the Mission of Rick Hodes.” A native of Long Island, he graduated from Middlebury College, University of Rochester Medical School, and trained in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview. Dr. Hodes lives in Addis Ababa with his Ethiopian family. 

With an introduction by Dr. Michele Barry, Director of Stanford’s Center for Innovation in Global Health, Dr. Hodes will speak with Global Health Faculty Fellow and School of Medicine Adjunct Lecturer Paul Costello about his life, career, and commitment to saving the lives of those with the fewest resources, one person at a time.

Event Details:

  • Thursday, Nov. 2, 5:00-6:30p.m. PST
  • In-person: Dean’s Suite Boardroom LKSC 320
  • Refreshments will be served.