Published: 04/25/2024

*Please Note: This event has been canceled as of May 20, 2024.*

Join us for this new Global Health Research Spotlight series in which global health researchers at Stanford share updates and insights from their work. In this event, Dr. Jason Andrews, MD, will discuss his latest research on the incidence and impact of tuberculosis in prisons.

About Jason Andrews

Jason Andrews, MD

Dr. Andrews is a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine and a practicing infectious diseases physician who develops and tests innovative approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, and control of infectious diseases in resource-limited settings. He has been studying the incidence and impact of tuberculosis in prisons for more than a decade, with a focus on Brazil. He and colleagues recently published a study in The Lancet Public Health that provides the largest, most comprehensive global assessment of the rate of tuberculosis among incarcerated individuals. Pulling data from 150 countries, they found a high incidence of TB in prisons around the world and estimated that almost half of all cases go undetected. Globally, they found TB rates in prisons to be ten times higher than those in their surrounding communities. He’s also recently published a paper calling for incarcerated individuals to be prioritized in global efforts to reduce TB.