Published: 05/23/2023

The next Global Health Fieldwork café is scheduled for May 30th, 10-11 am outside Bytes Cafe

What is the “Global Health Fieldwork Café”?

A monthly social event designed for Stanford members who are interested in global health fieldwork! Enjoy a cup of (free) coffee with peers and discuss practical issues related to fieldwork, such as housing, safety, cultural differences, ethical best practices, and more!

Sounds fun! How can I participate?

Sign up to our interest form to receive updates on the location and date of the next Fieldwork Café. If you have experience in fieldwork and would like to become a peer mentor, please indicate this in the form! We will ensure that there are several mentors present at each Fieldwork Café.

I don’t have any experience in fieldwork, can I still join?

Yes! The Fieldwork Café welcomes anyone interested in or preparing for fieldwork in a global health setting.