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Programs in Seed Grants

Implementing novel active tuberculosis case-finding approaches and preventive measures in an Indonesian prison

Primary Investigators: Argita Salindri, PhD, and Jason Andrews, MD, Stanford Medicine

Co-investigators: Bachti Alisjahbana, MD; Bony Lestari, MD; Fatimah, PhD

Funders: Stanford Department of Medicine, Center for Innovation in Global Health

Incarcerated individuals are at more than 10 times greater risk of contracting tuberculosis compared to the general population. Failure to diagnose and treat TB in prisons not only harms the health of this already vulnerable population, but also frequently spills into the broader community. With this seed grant funding, researchers will work in an Indonesian prison to identify low-cost, effective, person-centric TB diagnosis and prevention strategies that can also be useful in other low-resource settings.

“Tuberculosis is a major cause of illness among general population and persons deprived of liberty in Indonesia. However, little is known about the TB burden in Indonesia’s carceral settings,” Co-PI Dr. Argita Salindri said. “We are thrilled to receive this award to implement new diagnosis and prevention approaches for TB in an urban Indonesian prison. We believe our project will have a significant impact on carceral health and TB control in Indonesia.”

Photo courtesy of CDC