Published: 04/02/2020

Researchers from Stanford and other universities scoured the scientific literature to create, a web portal that medical professionals can access for trustworthy information on how to decontaminate used N95 masks.

Today, a team of 60 scientists and engineers, students and clinicians, drawn from universities and the private sector, are unveiling, a website that synthesizes the scientific literature about mask decontamination to create a set of best practices to decontaminate and reuse this protective face covering during the current emergency.

“While there is no perfect method for decontamination of N95 masks, it is crucial that decision-makers and users have as much information as possible about the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches,” said Manu Prakash, a member of the core leadership team for Stanford’s Center for Innovation in Global Health and an associate professor of bioengineering at Stanford who helped coordinate this ad hoc, volunteer undertaking. “We aim to provide information and evidence in this critical time to help those on the front lines of this crisis make risk management decisions given the specific conditions and limitations they face.”