Published: 11/14/2019

Stanford experts have created four short videos to help lawyers at the U.S. border learn to sensitively interview migrant children and teens about traumatic experiences.

Paul Wise, MD

A team of Stanford experts has produced a series of videos aimed at benefiting children detained at the U.S. border. Intended for lawyers who work with detained migrants, the videos describe how to interview young people using techniques informed by scientific knowledge on trauma. 

“Many of the attorneys working at the border have little experience interviewing children who have undergone serious emotional trauma, and it’s essential that those interviews — which are being done for kids’ benefit — don’t exacerbate the trauma they’ve experienced,” said Paul Wise, MD, a faculty leader for the Center for Innovation in Global Health and one of the project’s leaders. “In addition, having good, sensitive interviewing skills makes it far more likely that the lawyers will get the information they need to represent the best interests of children at the border.”

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