Published: 03/04/2019

The Center for Innovation in Global Health is home to scientists, researchers, students, physicians, nurses, and health workers of all types on this campus and around the world.

Committed to increasing well-being, worldwide, our experts and emerging leaders routinely collaborate across geographic boundaries and academic disciplines. They also traverse public, private and nonprofit sectors. We’ve updated our website to showcase the exciting projects and accomplishments of this vibrant community. And to make it easier for you to join us.     

Through their clinical work, research and teaching, our faculty fellows and partner organizations are increasing our understanding of human health and building the capacity of healthcare providers around the world. They work on an extraordinary range of specific issues which fall into three main areas of focus: planetary health, diversity of leadership, and vulnerable populations.

On our Homepage, you’ll see a brief description of each focus area and the most recent posts to our blog.

On our News and Events page, you can read more posts, and use the filter to sort the blog posts by your area of interest. If you’re invested in Planetary Health, choose that in the filter to see all our news and events related to that topic.  

You can select any of our areas of focus or select events if you’re looking to ways to meet members of our community or learn more about a specific talk or community gathering.

On the About page, you can read a note from our Founder and Director, Dr. Michele Barry, and read more about our core leadership and staff.  You can also follow a link to our Team page with brief bios of each person.   

Under the How to Engage menu, you will see ways to engage with our community if you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, medical student, resident, fellow, a member of the Stanford faculty or our community at large.

From the What We Do menu, you can learn about programs in education, research, and engagement.

Stanford Global Health is a community invested in increasing wellbeing, worldwide. Please join us by signing up for our mailing list and engaging in the way that best suits your interest, experience and expertise.