Published: 10/01/2019

Global Collaboratives for Improving Patient Care Delivery

Learning Collaboratives for Teams

8 month, 8 two-hour sessions, team and project based

Topics may include:

  • Why Improvement Science in Healthcare?
  • Understanding System Complexity
  • Bringing a Structure to Problem Solving
  • Understanding the Current State
  • Identifying the Most Impactful Root Causes
  • Testing Ideas using Iterative Problem Solving
  • Effective Project and Team Management
  • Using Measures to Drive Improvement

Learning Collaboratives for Leaders

6 month, 12 two-hour sessions, individual based

Topics may include:

  • Creating an adaptive, learning culture in a complex system
  • Understanding data and variation (statistical analysis)
  • Developing an institution-based improvement structure
  • Managing the psychological aspects of change
  • Managing a large improvement project portfolio
  • Improving presentation and teaching skills
  • The role of evidence in quality improvement
  • Publishing QI projects and leading QI research activities