Published: 11/27/2022

CIGH Faculty Fellow Yihan Lin, a cardiac surgeon at Stanford focusing on surgical education global health research, seeks a part-time or consultant website and app-developer to develop an app for her widely used surgical simulation tool GlobalSurgBox.


Lin has been working for several years on implementation of surgical simulation across the world, especially places where resources and access to simulation are limited.

She and her team have designed a low-fidelity, low-cost simulator to teach and practice surgical skills. The GlobalSurgBox is an entirely self-contained surgical simulator that fits inside a 12.5″ toolbox and is designed to be low cost and easily replenished.  They have implemented this simulator in three countries (US, Kenya, Rwanda) during individual teaching sessions. They now wish to improve their website and design an app to further scale up the implementation of this tool.

Job Description

The selected website/app developer will help update to support the scale-up of this virtual teaching platform, as well as a complementary app. The app will deliver teaching content as well as support asynchronous learning between users and mentors, and will have the ability to upload videos and create friendly competition between users.

How to Apply

If interested, please contact Dr. Lin at: and cc Resident Michael Kirsch,