Published: 01/26/2023

This Internship Program, sponsored by the Border Community Alliance (BCA) and Fundación del
Empresariado Sonorense, A.C. (FESAC), serves young scholars and faculty seeking a bi-national immersion
experience that combines political, economic, humanitarian, environmental and social science research
with unparalleled opportunities for service and exploration in the US/Mexico borderlands.

This 6 week internship takes place June 14-July 28, 2023.

Intern Program Desired Outcome: The goal of the program is to raise up leaders for the world’s
complex problems, dispel myths about the borderlands and create Borderlands Ambassadors.

BCA’s internship program is open to students who…
• Are rising college sophomores through those in graduate school (minimum age is 18).
• Have a faculty sponsor if they are pursuing an academic project
• Possess a current, valid passport
• Some ability to speak Spanish (preferred)
• Demonstrate maturity and the ability to be flexible, adapt within unfamiliar situations,
respect different cultural environments, work independently and without extensive supervision

Program Details:
Dates: June 14 – July 28, 2023. (Please arrive by 5pm on June 13, and depart after 6pm on
July 28.
Stipend: $1000.
Housing and transportation within Arizona provided. Opportunities for individual
collaboration with nonprofit agencies, universities and businesses in both the US and Mexico. Part time
community service projects with nonprofits in the Nogales, Arizona & Nogales, Sonora, region.

The Border Community Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with offices in Tubac, Arizona. BCA,
together with its Mexican community foundation partner, FESAC (, based in Nogales,
Sonora, supports the educational, social public policy, humanitarian, cultural and economic development
of the US/Mexico border region to improve the quality of life for border communities.

Note: Interns should be mature individuals with a clear idea of what they hope to achieve, a faculty
sponsor if they are pursuing an academic project, some ability to converse in Spanish, and the ability to
work independently without extensive supervision. Prior international travel, service and study
experience is a plus. Interns must possess a current valid passport.

Learn more and apply:
Telephone: (520) 398-3229