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cidea_logoConsortium for Innovation, Design, Evaluation and Action (C-IDEA)

The Consortium for Innovation, Design, Evaluation and Action (C-IDEA) was conceived to enable a multidisciplinary infrastructure within an academic center to accelerate contributions to global health in the developing world. C-IDEA will be supported from 2010-2013 through an $8M grant from the National Institutes of Health and managed by Stanford University’s Center for Innovation in Global Health.  Capitalizing on the multi-disciplinary approach employed by Stanford and the strong relationship between the university and local entrepreneurs and financiers, C-IDEA is poised to design, implement and evaluate innovative diagnostics, drugs, devices and processes for global health.  Through this experience, a generation of professionals will be trained in a design and discovery process that promises to lead to further innovations to improve health throughout the world.

There is a strong commitment to innovation throughout Stanford, in fact in 2010, the Office of Technology and Licensing evaluated 450 new inventions and granted 90 new licenses.  C-IDEA will build upon this legacy by supporting and encouraging students, fellows and faculty to direct their efforts towards developing products, services and processes that address global health challenges. Additionally the consortium aims to integrate social science and health economics into discovery and design processes in order to provide economic projections and evaluative data needed to achieve practical, scalable results. Several programs and courses, anchored in the Schools of Business, Engineering, Design, and Medicine, are committed to this effort, including:

Fostering an environment of collaboration between programs, C-IDEA will:

For questions regarding this grant, please contact Larkin Callaghan.

You can also view the completed Global Health Innovation Guidebook, put together to reflect insights and lessons for innovators searching for global health solutions, and which profiles some of Stanford's great success stories in global health solutions.

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