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These video links have been provided by the International Health Interest Group, Bay Area. They are organized by book chapter of the book Essentials in Global Health, by Richard Skolnik.

Ch. 1 - The Principles and Goals of Public Health

UN Millennium Declaration

Hans Rosling Ted Talk

Yes They Can

Ch. 2 - Health Determinants, Measurements and Trends

The Demographic Transition

The Demographic Divide

The Seemingly Impossible is Possible

Poor Beat Rich in MDG Race

Ch. 3 - Health, Education, Poverty and the Economy

UNICEF: Stability Through Education for Pakistan’s Children

Copenhagen Consensus - Global Priorities by Bjorn Lomborg (Director) 

Ch. 4 - Ethical and Human Rights Concerns in Global Health

Tuskegee Study

First, Do No Harm: A Qualitative Research Documentary

Ch. 5 - An Introduction to Health Systems

Combating Diarrheal Disease in Bangladesh

Aravind Eye Hospital

Doctor Shortage in Tanzania Leads to Improvisation

Netherlands Health System Mixes Cost with Quality (see also in related content: Netherlands Health Care System: Model for U.S.?)

Ch. 6 - Culture and Health

Professor Andrea Sankar Discusses Her Research on the Impact of Culture on Health

Homophobia as a Barrier to HIV Testing

Ch. 7 - The Environment and Health

UNICEF - World Water Day: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (There is no direct link to this video. You can find it in the blue box on the right side of the page)

Population, Health and Environment

Aceh ‘superhero’ Promotes Hygiene and Sanitation

Awakening: Achieving Total Sanitation in Bangladesh

Ch. 8 - Nutrition and Global Health

UNICEF: Food Fortification in Africa

My Future in My First Centimeters (World Bank)

Feeding Children in Somalia with Plumpy’doz

Nutrition for Niger (Plumpy’nut)

Ch. 9 - Women's Health

UNICEF Female Genital Mutilation Report in Somalia

Obstetric Fistula in Rural Uganda

"My Sister, My Self” from White Ribbon Alliance

Maternal Mortality GapCast

The Number of Children Per Women

The Girl Effect

Ch. 10 - Child Health

UN Millennium Development Goals specific to children (Link on the right side of the page)

Child Health Days in Zimbabwe

Caring Talk Saves Lives

Saving Newborn Lives: A Success Story in Malawi

Ch. 11 - Communicable Disease

UNICEF: Pit Latrines in Mozambique to Prevent Water Borne Diseases

The Final Inch Trailer

PBS: The Campaign to Eradicate Polio

PBS: Neglected Tropical Diseases, River Blindness in Togo

AIDS in Thailand, Parts I&II” & “Fighting AIDS in Botswana

Love in a time of HIV – A Positive Match

 An Incurable TB? Parts I-IV

UNICEF and Roll Back Malaria Partnership Deliver Bednets to Malaria-Ravaged Villages

Malaria’s Tenacious Grip

Preventing River Blindness, Parts I & II

Guinea Worm Disease in Africa

Health Workers in Tanzania Battle River Blindness (and then search for this video)

Ch. 12 – Non-communicable diseases

Global Non-communicable Diseases

Turkey Bans Smoking in Bars, Restaurants, Coffeehouses

Obesity: China’s Growing Epidemic

Lung Cancer Statistics

WHO: Mental Health

Ch. 14 - Natural Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

Displaced Families in DRC

Vaccinating the Public in the Midst of War - Afghanistan

“In Myanmar, the Disaster of Surviving the Disaster” (UNICEF)

Ch. 15 - Working Together to Improve Global Health

IAVI: A World without AIDS

IAVI: The Search for a Vaccine

Doctors without Borders

 Ch. 16 - Science, Technology and Global Health

“Vaccines and How They Work”, “A Vaccine for AIDS”, & “Discovery of Antibiotics,” “Antibiotics and Pneumonia in Honduras”

New Technology Improves Maternal Health

Grameen Foundation Information Technology

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