Student Groups

International Development Careers Group

In conjunction with Professor Emeritus David Abernethy, SAID hosts an informal discussion group to talk about opportunities for summer and post-college internships, how to develop the entrepreneurial approaches needed in the international development field, and most importantly, career and life goals. We hope to discuss questions about students' professional futures that are almost never addressed in the classroom or dormitory.

Stanford Association for International Development (SAID)

The Stanford Association for International Development is a voluntary student organization (VSO) at Stanford University dedicated to promoting international development awareness on campus, training and educating the next generation of leaders in global development issues, and bringing together diverse campus resources such as students, faculty, campus centers, and student groups.

Stanford Pre-Medical Association

The Stanford Premedical Association (SPA) aims to be an umbrella organization serving the Stanford premedical community. Our mission is to help undergraduates make an informed decision about pursuing medicine and to facilitate a supportive premedical community at Stanford University. SPA organizes programs that help prepare premedical students for the realities and challenges of pursuing a career in medicine.

Volunteers in Latin America (VILA)

To partner Stanford students with existing organizations in Quito, Ecuador that work to address the needs and promote the rights of street and working children. To enable Stanford students to actively engage with human rights issues, to apply this first-hand knowledge and experience to their respective disciplines, and to share what they have learned with the Stanford community.