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Gantenbein Medical Fund Fellowship

DACOR, an association of foreign affairs professionals located in Washington, DC launched the Gantenbein Medical Fund Fellowship in 2011. This fellowship program is open to first-year medical students from the three participating institutions. Its goal is to assist one American medical student, who has an interest in global health, with tuition and living expenses for their second year of medical school.

The process is such that each of the three schools participating in this fellowship will put forth one nominee. DACOR will interview all three and one will be chosen as the finalist. There is a possibility that if the medical student chosen maintains a stellar academic record and succeeds in extracurricular activities, that funding for the third year of medical school will be available.  
CIGH was honored to have been chosen amongst the medical schools across the country as one of the three participating schools.

$25,000 tuition stipend and $5,000 for living expenses for one academic year. Providing the recipient remains in good standing in both the medical school, support could be extended into the third and fourth years of the student's academic program.


THE APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED. Please check back in 2014 to see if Stanford will be participating in this scholarship fund opportunity.

In 2011, Rishi Mediratta, a Stanford medical student, was selected as the 2012-2013 Gantenbein Medical Fund recipient. In January 2013, DACOR decided to extend Rishi's schoarship by an additional year given his global health work and academic standing. This makes Rishi the fund recipient for 2012-2014. Learn more about Rishi here »

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