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Packard researcher's other classroom in Guatemala

Paul Wise

Paul Wise escapes to a small town in the highlands of southwestern Guatemala to work in a health clinic.
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The School of Medicine (SoM) at Stanford shares the University's vision in promoting "the public welfare by exercising an influence on behalf of humanity and civilization.” This influence is achieved through clinical excellence and research eminence across medical fields. The SoM is strongly committed to instilling an understanding of the global setting in which patients and disease interface, the impact of socioeconomic factors on health care and the extent of health care disparities in the world. The Center for Innovation in Global Health (CIGH) aims to fulfill the SoM's vision by supporting medical students in furthering their global health experiences regardless of their career aspirations.

Stanford faculty members are active in a number of far-reaching global health projects. For example, Paul Wise, MD, MPH, teaches students vital lessons in the highlands of Guatemala, where he has worked for the past 30 years helping to provide basic health care to this poverty-stricken region. Video length: 6 min 15 sec

For a full list of faculty and their research projects which may be open to medical student collaboration, visit our faculty profiles here. The CIGH offers mentorship and support for career guidance for the following.

Students can choose to integrate global health into their medical training by participating in the International Health application. The coursework and research components of this application augment medical curriculum's exposure to global health to prepare students in incorporating the field into their career. The CIGH can support interested students in completing this application.

This program offers students the opportunity to participate in research abroad, particularly in underserved areas. This program leadership is happy to meet with medical students interested and can act as a link for identifying potential mentors and projects. Please visit the homepage for details on the Program and to browse ongoing or completed projects.

A fellowship program that begins in 2012 for a second year medical student who has an interest in some aspect in global health. This fellowship will cover $30,000 for one academic year.

This fellowship began in June 2011 and is open to medical students (who have completed the first two years of medical school), residents and faculty. This fellow will learn how media plays a significant role in global health.

There are multiple opportunities for support and funding for students interested in perusing clinical and research experiences abroad. The CIGH may not directly oversee or coordinate these programs, however the Center is happy to mentor students through the application process for the above programs.

There are multiple courses and seminars offered by the SoM covering several topics in global health listed above. Participation in some activities is limited but the majority are open to all students regardless of interest or scholarly concentration.

Seminar series include a case-based tropical medicine course that prepares students for clinical experiences in low-resource settings as well as a seminar series on the impact of multinationals on global health which includes a line-up of speakers who will discuss their experiences of how the multinationals they are involved in have impacted global health.

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