Organization for Global Health (OGH)


The Organization for Global Health (OGH) is composed of students at the Stanford University School of Medicine who have come together with the desire to increase awareness of international health issues through educating at home and assisting abroad. 


  • To increase awareness of the issues in global health.
  • To facilitate participation in issues surrounding international health through travel fellowships and NGO networking.
  • To stimulate passion and interest through tangible community-initiated, community-centered projects abroad.

Medical Students Abroad

Whether helping devise new preventive strategies, gaining hands-on clinical experience or conducting field research, members of OGH are advocates for improved health care worldwide. 



Meet the Leaders of OGH

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Contact the OGH Leadership to learn more about upcoming events and opportunities on campus. 

Ruchita Pendse

Ruchita Pendse is a second year medical student passionate about ethics and social justice with a deep desire to promote these ideals for vulnerable populations in her parents’ homeland of India. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 with majors in health policy and biology and a minor in bioethics, Ruchita spent her gap year in India working with two nonprofits to deliver healthcare and other social services to urban slum communities in Pune, and to rural indigenous tribal villages in the jungle of central India. Ruchita will return to India this summer to do research on government-run programs to support survivors of gender-based violence. As an incoming board member of OGH, she hopes to promote a sense of community among all Stanford trainees interested in global health to foster the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and opportunities.


Pamela Meza

Pamela Meza is a second year medical student from Orange County, California. A proud bruin, Pamela studied Psychobiology at UCLA, graduating in 2015. During her time at UCLA she helped start and run global non-profits focusing on healthcare and education in Mexico. She spent her gap years working as an instructional aid and teaching assistant for low-resource and first generation 7th-12th grade students. Pamela will return to Latin America this summer to work on research in Simulation Based Training for obstetrical emergencies in Guatemala and will continue working on expanding the reach of the educational non-profit organization she co-founded in Southern Mexico. She is excited to be a board member of OGH and hopes to facilitate connections between students and faculty working in Global Health and increase awareness of global health projects for current and incoming medical students.


Aviva Mattingly

Aviva Mattingly is a second year medical student interested in combining a passion for global health research and surgery. While studying at Bowdoin College, she spent a semester in Madagascar observing the healthcare system in various settings, and later spent a summer working with an international nonprofit in Kenya. After graduating in 2015 with a degree in Neuroscience and French, she spent the next two years working on HIV clinical trials at the NIH. Aviva is also interested in surgery in low-resource settings and expanding access to operations globally. She is excited about working with the OGH community to explore further opportunities in global health.


John Tarnowski

John Tarnowski is a second year PA student with a scholarly concentration in Health Research and Policy. He interested in the intersection of Global Health and Human Rights, and seeks out bidirectional international partnerships to improve healthcare systems. This summer he will be traveling to Peru to conduct a Needs and Acceptability assessment for PAs in the Peruvian Healthcare system, surveying and holding focus groups of Peruvian physicians. His role in OGH is to find a place for PAs interested in global health at Stanford, creating opportunities for increased involvement, cooperation, and shared experience within the SoM community.